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Project Description
Using Infragistics XamRibbon with WPF PRISM for building rich UI

Prism is the great Framework and sometimes some of the default .NET UI components doesnt quite work for certain scenarios (like RibbonBar and DockManager).

This project is about using Infragistics RibbonBar and later on if time permits Microsoft's Ribbon for WPF (which is provided separately) with Prism. So that we can utilize RibbonBar functionality quite smoothly with PRISM (without breaking MVVM and PRISM Extensiblity).

See Documentation for more information about concept and step by step guide.

If you have a look at SourceCode, it is quite easy to adapt this into another Ribbon Control.

Demo Screenshot.png

I havent included Infragistics in the "lib" folder, you will need to include one of your own as it is licensed.

Current project is based on Infragistics 2012 vol1 libraries.

Pls be patient as I try to flesh it up.

If you really want to see how it is done, then goto to Source Code Tab and download it

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